Who are we?

Alpha & K is a French Conseiller en Investissement Financier (financial adviser) regulated by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers), the French regulator.

Alpha & K was founded in July 2018 by Julien Coudert, CFA, and Philippe Maupas, CFA, CAIA, CIPM.

We are both proponents of an evidence-based approach of investing: facts backed by data and academic evidence rather than opinions.

We love Jeff Ptak‘s description of evidence-based investing (Jeff is Head of Global Manager Research at Morningstar).

Investing based on data, not narrative, in a dispassionate way.


Our mission is to help investors achieve their financial objectives and go through the ups and downs of financial markets without losing sight of their long-term goals. We put a lot of emphasis on investor education: we want our clients to understand what we do with them.

Alpha & K chose to be an independent financial adviser, in the sense of the MIF 2 directive, which implies that we are exclusively compensated by our clients. In other words, we are a fee-only financial adviser.

This choice was a no-brainer for us: if you want to be a real adviser, you have to to be paid by your clients, not by product suppliers.

Julien Coudert started his career in 2005 as a portfolio manager for a French private bank. He managed fixed income and equity mutual funds. In 2013, he launched Compagnie Saint-Eusice, a fee-only financial adviser.

Julien blogs at Kudu’s Skeptical Economics and tweets @JulienCoudert.

Julien graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lille, an Engineering School. He also holds a degree in financial mathematics and a master in International Wealth Management of ESCP Europe. He is a CFA charterholder, a volunteer for, and a former board member of, CFA Society France.

He is married, and his wife Camille and him have four sons.

Philippe Maupas started his career in 1988 in Japan. He worked in the business and financial media industry from 1989 until 2001. He was CEO of Morningstar France between 2001 and 2005, and he co-founded Quantalys, a web-based provider of portfolio construction tools, in 2007. Philippe launched Alpha Beta Consulting in 2013.

Philippe blogs at Alpha Beta Blog and tweets (@philmop in English and @AlphaBetaBlogFR in French).

He is a graduate of French Business School HEC Paris. He’s also a CFA charterholder and holds the CAIA and CIPM designations. He’s a past president of CFA Society France and a volunteer for both his local society and CFA Institute (he is a member of the Disciplinary Review Committee).

Philippe is married, and his wife Flore and him have three daughters.

Alpha & K owes a great deal to several people in the evidence-based investing world.

In the USA, the Ritholtz folks are a constant source of inspiration: Michael Batnick, CFA, Josh BrownBen Carlson, CFA,  Blair duQuesnayDina Grasso Isola, Tony Isola, Nick MaggiuliBarry Ritholtz, Tadas Viskanta.

We also interact regularly with Preston McSwain.

We always enjoy reading Cullen Roche‘s blogs.

And for us, Jason Zweig and Morgan Housel are la crème de la crème of investment writers.

In the UK, Robin Powell does an incredible job of explaining the inner workings of the asset management ecosystem and provides fantastic investor education. We also appreciate a lot Carolyn Gowen.

We’d love to hear from you to find out how we can help you lead a happy financial life.

Feel free to contact us by email (julien.coudert@alphak.eu).