Behavioral finance and financial education

Alpha & K is one of the few investment and financial engineering consulting firms to have integrated behavioral analysis and financial education into all of its consulting.

“Before beating others, you have to start by beating yourself”

| Behavioral analysis

Overconfidence, fear, greed, compartmentalization, confirmation bias, familiarity bias, anchoring, over-loss aversion… These biases are numerous but all have two things in common:

They pay dearly. They are controllable.

Thus, all of our consulting places the awareness and control of these cognitive biases at the center of our action, to improve the results.

| Investment training

Collective or individual training on subjects related to investment, financial engineering.

Training and interventions for asset management and investment professionals.

Training in behavioral finance.

| Financial research & publications

Independent research on financial markets, investment and economics.

Academic watch on asset management and investment.

Creation of educational content for the general public or professionals.

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