Our manifesto

At the very beginning of Alpha & K we took the time to define, before anything else, the founding principles of our project in the form of a manifesto.

Why ?

Because it seemed essential to us to clarify between us from the beginning what we are, what we do, and how we do it.

But also because we have a different approach, based on transparency, on a demanding method of remuneration, and on education. Such an approach requires compliance with strict rules, rules that we had to explain from the very beginning.

This manifesto is a commitment between the founders, but, in accordance with our principle of transparency, we publish it here for your information.



Article 1. Our business is independent financial advice on behalf of third parties. This includes investment advice, asset allocation, selection and choice of intermediaries, legal and tax support, financial planning as well as financial monitoring and behavioral coaching.

Article 2. We place ourselves under the highest fiduciary standard by putting the interests of our clients above our own. As a result, we are paid exclusively and transparently by our clients, to whom we fully refund the retrocessions received from intermediaries.



Article 3. Our clients are individuals or institutions. We help them to achieve their goals by assisting them in structuring their assets and in setting up and monitoring their investments. We take their values into account in the advice we give them.


Article 4. Our clients trust us while wishing to understand our approach. We therefore actively participate in the continuous improvement of their knowledge, in particular by setting up a financial education program.



Article 5. We are experienced professionals, with varied backgrounds and complementary expertise. We are subject to a code of ethics and standards of professional conduct*, and we place the interests of our clients above our own and those of Alpha & K.


Article 6. We are constantly learning through reading, research and exchange with other professionals around the world. We are also committed to share our knowledge in an educational way that is accessible to as many people as possible.


Article 7. Aware of the importance of this sharing of knowledge, we regularly express ourselves and publish in our own name on topics related to the economy and investment.

* The code referred to here is that defined by the CFA Institute. It is accessible here.



Article 8. We are convinced that the human relationship is, and will remain, central to our business.


Article 9. We also believe that technology is an essential component of the quality of our services. We remain attentive to its evolution, we train constantly and seek to use it in the best interest of our customers.


Article 10. Finally, we consider that communication via different channels is an essential element of the relationship. Our clients must be able to consult their portfolios at any time and understand changes in them. They must be able to reach us easily, have access to our financial education modules and be informed regularly.



Article 11. Our management is based on independent, objective and verifiable data and analyses. We closely follow the teachings of academic research in finance, as well as the work of the community of investment professionals.


Article 12. We are optimistic: we believe that the economy is growing on a trend and that the financial markets reflect this upward trend over the long term. We are convinced that the key to long-term performance is to invest continuously and in a diversified manner.


Article 13. Only the quality of management matters to us: we therefore remain open to all types of investment and strategies.


Article 14. We are also convinced that controlled costs are an important component of future performance and are particularly attentive to this for our clients.