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The consulting team

Julien Coudert, CFA

Managing Partner | Investment Director


A former fund and portfolio manager in international equities and bonds within a portfolio management company, Julien works for Alpha & K in asset management consulting. He is responsible for research within the company.

He also assists his clients with all of their investment, liability management, or legal and tax structuring issues.

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“After 8 years of investment experience, I decided in 2013 to launch an entrepreneurial investment advisory project based on my values, free advice, and in the sole interest of the client. I have continued on this path ever since. »


Operational manager

Aude joined Alpha & K in 2022. She supports clients on a day-to-day basis in all of the advice provided by Alpha & K. Her rigor and professional experience are of great value in the quality of service provided by Alpha & K. K.

“After 13 years of experience in a large international bank and a short break to take care of my family, I am delighted to return to the world of finance in a company on a human scale such as Alpha & K where the interest of the customer is at the heart of our concerns. »

Our shareholders and supporters

To support the development of Alpha & K, we have welcomed into the capital of the company four professionals with complementary expertise.

These four people actively help and advise us, and share the values ​​we uphold.

Myriam Ferran, CFA


Myriam is a consultant specializing in digital transformation, more specifically at the service of asset management professionals. She works with major financial institutions. She was a director and president of CFA Society France.

“I met Julien and Philippe when all three of us were volunteers for CFA Society France. I was seduced by the fact that they put Alpha & K at the service of its clients only, by the transparency of their compensation model and by their ambitious financial education program. »

Edouard Petit

Edouard is an expert in digital transformation, and more particularly in customer engagement issues. He has been advising large companies in this area for more than twenty years.

He is also the author of two books on personal finance which we recommend reading: Saver 3.0 and Creating and Managing an ETF Portfolio.

We also advise you to regularly read his blog Epargnant 3.0

“Philippe Maupas and I worked together on my second book on index investing, for which Philippe wrote the preface. We already knew that we have a lot in common. When he told me about the Alpha & K project, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I am convinced that there is a need for transparent financial advice putting the client at the center of the process.

Customer focus is a really important value to me and I know we share it. »

Jean-Baptiste Pichon


Passionate about agriculture and entrepreneurship, Jean-Baptiste is interested in anything that can make value chains more efficient by putting them at the service of its direct beneficiaries, without losing sight of their real usefulness.

He specializes in financing and optimizing the production of agricultural commodities, particularly in emerging countries.

“I immediately joined Alpha & K’s mission, which is to make asset management advice accessible to as many people as possible, in particular through fairer invoicing. Alpha & K carries values ​​of transparency, fairness, service and competence which are the key ingredients of entrepreneurial success. »

Patrice Viot Coster


Curious, intuitive and entrepreneurial, Patrice is a pioneer of transformation levers in complex organizations. For him, in any business transformation project, it is essential to start from individuals and their interactions.

“The world of financial products is dark for most of us. Having worked for a long time in the asset management industry, it seemed natural to me to accompany Alpha & K in this adventure of truly transparent and independent financial advice.

I was particularly sensitive to the fact that Julien and Philippe included financial education modules in their offer, highlighting the psychological biases that influence our investment choices. »


Philippe Maupas, CFA, CAIA, CIPM


Specialist in investment products and entrepreneur, Philippe created Alpha & K with Julien Coudert. Following his departure from the company, he now focuses on financial education and shares his independent expertise through his blog Alpha Beta Blog which we advise you to follow…

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