Inducements & Financial Partners

Inducements policy

We may collect on your behalf inducements from financial intermediaries on the fees you pay on your investments.

In order to keep a complete freedom of choice in the envelopes and investments we advise to you, we fully restitute these inducements to you.

These inducements belong to you and Alpha & K will restitute them to you, detailing them, as soone as the first statement of fees following their collection. We nevertheless continue to forge partnerships, in your interest, but only to obtain the best investment conditions for you.

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Recommended partners and third parties

In many situations, the intervention of a third-party professional is essential to the realization or optimization of our advice. We then recommend professionals with the sole criterion of the quality of their service.

We can also, of course, work with your intermediaries if you have already established a relationship of trust with them.

We are not remunerated by these third parties, in order to be able to choose them completely independently, and always ask our customers to inform us of their satisfaction with this recommendation, during and after their intervention.

You may therefore need, and we can recommend, the following professionals, with whom we can centralize your relationship or simply work together (non-exhaustive list):

- Business accounting
- Auditing
- Accounting advisory
- Fiscal and property law
- Business and company law
- Real estate law
NotaryReal Estate manager
- Successions and donations
- Real estate transactions
- Propertry management
- Property sales
- Search and purchase

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