Investments & Asset Management

Investissements diversifiés entre toutes classes d'actifs et zone géographique

Financial investments

“All financial assets, a single, independent strategy”

Aggregate and measure all accounts, contracts, receivables and assets, to manage in a homogeneous and global way.

Optimize the choice of holding envelopes, accounts and contracts. Negociate the conditions and select the intermediaries.

Define and maintain a consolidated asset allocation over time, and monitor its application by controlling behavioral investment biases.

Select and monitor the securities (bond shares), funds (ETFs, SCPIs assets, investment funds) and assets making up this allocation. Limit costs, improve diversification.

Unlisted investments

“Proposing, optimizing and securing unlisted investments over time”

Check the fundamentals (due diligence) of investment projects in unlisted assets (real estate, equity investments, private loans, etc.).

Assist in the negotiation and initial and ongoing valuation of projects.

Structure a project. Assist in the creation and optimization of ownership and governance structures.

Optimize the investment over time and rigorously analyze the results.

Performance and risk measurement

“Give rigorous and useful measures of performance and risk”

Measurement and monitoring of market, credit, interest rate, liquidity and currency risks, on all securities, instruments and investments

Measurement and monitoring of the performance of consolidated portfolios and individual assets.

Risk-based management advice.

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