Wealth and financial engineering

Ingénierie patrimoniale et financière

Wealth and financial engineering

Analyse and optimise legal and tax decisions”

Entrepreneurship and heritage structuring

Structuring of non-operational companies (holdings). Business creation and liberal professions. Social protection, executive compensation and employee savings

Transmission and family

Civil and tax optimization of donations and inheritances. Protection of the family – Foresight. Protection of vulnerable people. Organisation and monitoring of the Dutreil Pacts.


Tax expertise – Optimisation and compliance. International mobility (expatriates and impatriates). Optimisation of business transfer

Financial planning

“Defining a global strategy and sticking to it over time

Define and track personal goals over time.

Prepare and optimise long-term financing projects (retirement, studies, residence, etc.).

Optimise asset allocation and use of borrowings, size, rates and terms.

Educate on investing, counter behavioral biases and help ensure adherence to established strategy.

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