Investment and asset engineering package

| A unique and global package

The investment and asset engineering package allows us to advise clients who want extensive, continuous and long-term advice, but whose fees remain calculated on a controlled flat-rate basis.

This package, central to the advice provided by Alpha & K, includes all of Alpha & K’s areas of expertise and in particular:

  • All advice in financial and heritage engineering.
  • All investment advice on assets under advice.
  • Access to all Alpha & K partnerships, and negociated retrocessions.

Forfait investissement et ingénierie patrimoniale

| A two-component package:

| Quarterly fees for asset and financial engineering

Long-term advice and support for all asset and financial engineering is fixed and remunerated quarterly. This with 2 principles:

  1. Fees proportional to the value of the assets advised.
  2. Decreasing fees:  if the advised wealth increases, the rate decreases.
Liquid Assets
( incl. stocks, bonds, ETFs, OPC, )
Annual rate
Portion below
1.000.000 €
0,50 % excl. VAT
Portion above
1.000.000 €
0,20 % excl. VAT
Cash and euros funds0,00 % excl. VAT

The package has a 125€exVAT quaterly minimum, which ensures that clients who do not have enough assets YET can still be advised.

| Annual investment performance fees

Annual performance fees, which remunerate the investment advisor according to its results.

Once a year, the absolute value reached by the assets advised is compared to the highest level reached in previous years by these same assets. Depending on the evolution, the investment performance fees are calculated as follows:

Valuation at the end of the yearPerformance fees rates

Higher than the previous highest level
5,0 % excl. VAT
du absolute gain (in €) above the highest previous level.

Lower than the highest previous level
0 %
and need to catch up the decrease in the following years.

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