Julien Coudert

… introduces himself

   |   My studies

A scientist by training, I began to take an interest in economics and investment at the end of my engineering studies. Graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lille, with a specialization in economics, and a DEA in mathematics applied to finance, I later specialized in asset management thanks to a specialized master’s degree taken at ESCP Europe .

Finally, I greatly deepened these academic lessons, in the following years, by passing the international CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification. I have since been a member of CFA Society France, an association in which I volunteer.

   |  My professional  experience

Starting my career in 2005 as a junior fund manager in a Parisian portfolio management company, I gradually became manager of three mutual funds, two of which invested in international equities and one in bonds. My approach to investment, already based at the time on the collection, analysis and scientific confrontation of factual data in order to explain an economic and human reality, has not changed, but has been refined.

At the end of 2013, after 8 years spent learning and investing, I decided to realize another facet of my personality, my entrepreneurial impulse, by creating my own investment consulting company. Leaving my first experience with the support of my collaborators and friends, I launched the Compagnie Saint Eusice, whose founding values ​​were transparency, performance, technology, and the complete alignment of my interests with those of my clients.

   |   Alpha & K

I renewed this commitment in August 2018 when Alpha & K was created.

I therefore divide my time between so-called “fiduciary” advice and an investment fighting against psychological biases, short-termism and lack of economic commitment. I also work continuously on the development of our own digital investment assistance tools, so that technology is at the service of better quality advice.

Within Alpha & K I am Head of Asset Management Research and Chief Investment Officer. I am also responsible for legal and tax expertise with the company’s private clients.

   |   My blog

In order to contribute my stone to the building of evidence based investing, a global movement in the direction of progressive and scientific investment, I write freely on my blog where I express an open, curious but demanding economy, politics and investment.

This blog, kudu’s skeptical economics is accessible here and I invite you to visit it regularly, to read me, to react and I hope to share.

Finally, I invite you to follow me and discuss these topics with me on twitter. You can follow me simply by this link:

   |   My family & me

I am also married, and father of four boys, Charles, Arnaud, Xavier and Antoine, who also occupy an important part of my life. I try, with my wife Camille, to introduce them to my passions which are nature, my favorite sports, rugby and karate, quirky and modest humor mixed with self-mockery, scientific curiosity and openness to the world.

Optimistic and warm, I like human contact and my vocal and spontaneous laughter is recognizable by everyone, just like my rants.