Initial relationship and discretionary advisory fees

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We collect and analyze from the beginning of the relationship, then continuously, a very broad set of information concerning our customers in order to be ready to advise and assist them, on any financial issue, at any time.

For this, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the client’s data at the start of the relationship, in order to establish his/her personal financial balance sheet and his/her financial planning.

This initial advise is remunerated according to the complexity of the client’s situation, but is always subject to a prior estimate.

| Discretionary advice

After this entry into relationship, the client can, at his/her discretion, benefit from all of Alpha & K’s expertise and request that consultations, interventions or studies be carried out.

This discretionary advisory service will then be billed at the firm’s standard hourly rate.


2023 Standard hourly rate
300€ excl. VAT

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